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WhatsNu.com has scheduled 2 weeks downtime for program upgrades and testing.

Please return on November 15th.

WhatsNu's search technology, over the past 6 weeks, has undergone revolutionary search engine related upgrades. We felt it necessary to disengage all activity during this upgrade process to insure a robust and clean re-launch of WhatsNu's newest features.

These features include: one million click per minute capacity, greatly improved Adult filter capabilities, scalable database size, multiple URL submission, spam blocking, significant increase in speed of search, add new category, add new sub-category, personalized subscribe/unsubscribe, double-blind opt-in email subscribe, new fast server, much faster processor, much more memory, multiple drives, faster rpm drives, keyword banners, preferred keyword category position, manual site review process, media planner account admin online, media buyer account admin online, and the list goes on!

Please return on November 15th when you will be given the control of keeping yourself informed and up-to-date on the Internet World Wide Web!

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WhatsNu Staff

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